Worker Nodes & The VIVA Computational Network

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We all know money is power, and power is money.

With Airbnb, we were able to monetize our houses.

With Uber, we were able to monetize our cars.

Now with VIVA you can monetize your computer!

When you agree to cede unused computing resources from your computer to the VIVA network, you are converting your computer into a worker node. You can think of it as using your computer as an employee that you put to work. All worker nodes receive their pay directly into their VIVA liquidity pool account.

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The VIVAconomy is a new economic engine that has been designed to put power back into the hands of the people worldwide. Power over their money, power over their economy, and most importantly power over their lives and destinies.

All of this power is easily harvested by utilizing the collective power of our computers.

By simply adding a lightweight, backgrounded, and isolated application to your computer, you have just turned it into an employee in the VIVAconomy that constantly earns you money. The application is isolated in its own container (separated away from your personal data) and only utilizes unused computing resources to solve complex calculations on the VIVA network, paying you for your contributions.

When your computer is idle (or mostly idle from normal use), there is a lot of wasted processing power that never gets used. The VIVA network takes advantage of the unused resources on your computer and puts it to work solving complex calculations, processing transactions, and providing services to the VIVAconomy.

As easy and simple as this may sound, at the same time you become a hero. You are now part of creating the very thing that will give power back to the people – their own economic engine.

This is the simplest way for you to become a part of VIVA.

For most people to earn and spend a dollar, knowledge of the entire Federal Reserve and central banking system is unnecessary, and the fact that they can earn and spend the money is all that matters.

When you register your computer into the VIVAconomy, you will be given an electronic wallet with two accounts: one for immediate spending, and another account linked to the VIVA liquidity pool. (The liquidity pool is a lifetime retirement account that pays daily dividends.)

Once you are setup in VIVA, your computer will signal to the network that it is available to complete tasks. These tasks include retrieving data, storing data, and networking between computers. (Remember, this is all done in the background with no effort on your part.)

On the VIVA network, “Mints” will announce a task that needs to be processed. If your computer is available to complete tasks on the network, those mints can utilize your spare computing resources and will automatically deposit VIVAcoins into your wallet for each task completed.

To simplify and keep things streamlined, all transactions within the system are done in VIVAcoins.

When you are ready to spend your money, the VIVA ecosystem makes it easy.

By allowing you to send money, purchase goods and services, etc. instantly from your VIVA wallet, transitioning your VIVAcoins into the traditional economy is fast and easy.

First of all, VIVAcoins can be transferred to any individual or business on the VIVA network. Need to send or receive payments in another currency? You can easily convert VIVAcoins to almost any other form of currency right within your wallet via a built in exchange feature called TradeQwik. From there, you can also load a VIVA issued Mastercard debit card and spend your money anywhere Mastercards are accepted.

You can also access your electronic wallet directly at VIVA enabled ATM’s worldwide!

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Dennis H. Lewis is our CMO and is a serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed digital storyteller. An author of three books, he has an uncanny knack of being able to distill complex technologies and explain them in ways that are fun and approachable. Over his extensive career he has lead startups both in Europe and the United States and currently runs a successful digital marketing firm in Orlando, FL. He has been featured on mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, Good Morning America and the BBC.

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