The VIVA Paid Social Media Platform

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The third and final 25% of the interest payment spread is used to fund the creative and fun part of the VIVAconomy, the VIVA Paid Social Media Platform.

This is where the party happens!

On this platform Vivos create and publish content like articles, videos, poetry, music, memes, films, art, novels, and even science experiments. Vivos vote for content and other Vivos that they like. And the really cool part? Each vote you receive is worth exactly 1 vUSD = $1!

You can earn from votes indefinitely, you never age out of the system, and people can vote for you as many times as they care to.

The VIVA Social Media Platform, however, is much more than just a content creation and sharing platform. Vivos can vote for and reward business activities as well. Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, or charity organization? The VIVA network will allow you to be rewarded through votes for the positive contribution you make in the world!

Download the VIVA Executive Summary

One simple page that explains how the VIVAconomy can help you reach your financial goals. Includes a direct link to our complete white paper.

The number of votes you get to *give* each day depends on your slice of the global liquidity pool and how much 25% of the spread amounts to for the day. This will be calculated daily and displayed in your account dashboard.

Voting is similar in concept to the way you vote for posts on Steemit to award post authors a chunk of the daily Steem rewards allotment. But there are some key differences.

First, on Steemit users vote on specific pieces of content, whereas on the VIVA platform votes are awarded to individual Vivos instead. This means that you are able to vote for the totality of a Vivo’s contributions to society instead of just specific pieces of content.

Second, on the VIVA platform each vote is deposited daily into the Vivo’s liquidity pool account, increasing their stake in the overall VIVAconomy.

Third, on Steemit users can vote as often as they like (with diminishing effect for voting too frequently), while on the VIVA Platform Vivos have a fixed number of votes per day, which is determined by how much stake they have in the liquidity pool.

Fourth, on our platform each vote has the same dollar value, which is set by the Crown Holders, instead of depending on the past history of engagement.

Voting on the VIVA Platform is a mechanism by which you can reward other Vivos for any actions that you deem worthwhile. And since you are voting for people, not specific content, applicability of votes is much more general than Steemit.

Do you know someone who produces wonderful videos on YouTube, runs a particularly reliable worker node for a business, or helps provide liquidity to thin markets on TradeQwik? Then toss a vote their way and show them their efforts are appreciated!

There will even be a VIVA browser plug-in so that when you vote for a post on Steemit, you also vote for that user in VIVA if they have registered their Steemit identity with VIVA. It’s easy to imagine similar plug-ins being developed for other social sites such as YouTube, Reddit, etc.

A few important points:

All votes contribute to a user’s liquidity pool account, meaning that votes increase a person’s percentage ownership of the liquidity pool rather than being paid out directly in VIVA coins.

Votes are use-it-or-lose it. If you have 5 available votes per day and only use 3 of them, then the 2 unused votes don’t carry over to the next day.

However, nothing in VIVA is wasted.

Those 2 unused votes leftover at the end of the day are sent to the awards pool and will be distributed in the next awards distribution.

When was the last time you were paid on Facebook for your time and creative efforts?

Each and every day in the VIVAconomy, you have an opportunity to earn dividends in three powerful ways: from your liquidity account, from votes you receive from your peers and from the awards committee!

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Dennis H. Lewis is our CMO and is a serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed digital storyteller. An author of three books, he has an uncanny knack of being able to distill complex technologies and explain them in ways that are fun and approachable. Over his extensive career he has lead startups both in Europe and the United States and currently runs a successful digital marketing firm in Orlando, FL. He has been featured on mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, Good Morning America and the BBC.

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