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In order for the VIVAconomy to become a viable mainstream parallel economy, it is essential that it be closely coupled with the traditional financial system.

To achieve this, our plan is to leverage the power of our blockchain technology applying it to provide real world business solutions.

While many of these projects are still in their infancy, the plan is to create multiple scalable points of entry into the VIVAconomy for businesses of all types and sizes.

From simple payment processing to complex enterprise level document processing systems, the power of the VIVA blockchain technology will drive on-boarding into the VIVAconomy.

For example, by implementing a globally transparent system for registering and tracking university course credits, we would be providing a unique and powerful solution to institutions of higher education around the world. We would also naturally be onboarding millions of students into the VIVAconomy at the same time.

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In a similar fashion, if we were to develop a system that facilitates processing online payments for e-commerce providers at a lower rate than is currently available, we would not only lower costs for businesses but increase the number of people transacting directly in VIVAcoins.

These types of applications are what we have named VIVA Business Applications. We currently have a roadmap of seventeen groundbreaking applications that would benefit from the use of our technology while simultaneously growth hacking our path towards mainstream acceptance.

One of these applications, MedicAxess, is already in its testing phase and is scheduled to go live in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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