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TradeQwik™, is the VIVA network’s own exchange*. *It was designed to allow speculators to make significant profits by trading into and out of VIVA, which helps prevent the coin from being dumped on the open market like almost every other digital currency.

The TradeQwik exchange is where the VIVAconomy interacts with the traditional financial system. As such, you can send your vX to your TradeQwik account and cash them out at any VIVA ATM, or just send them to your debit Mastercard and spend them anywhere. You can even use it to pay taxes.

So what are the odds we’re going to be able to get Vivos to think in VIVAcoin terms?

Precisely zero. Not a chance. Zilch. Nada.

And this is just fine.

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In fact, this is where every single cryptocurrency begins to fall down, even Bitcoin.

Every currency, not just cryptocurrency, hopes it will be THE reserve currency that people turn to for their daily transactions. But at the end of the day, money is only worth what you can pay for with it, and the inescapable truth is that governments want you to pay taxes in their local currency. With vX this is easy and transparent.

This is the point where the rubber meets the road. People think in terms of dollars, euros, pesos, or whatever is the standard currency in the region where they live. If your taxes are in Euros it doesn’t help you one bit to try and pay it in dollars. Unless you are traveling on vacation, most people never even consider that their money is a variable asset.

Many cryptocurrencies dance around this fact.

Many have hopes that their currency might become a national or even global currency. This however, is highly unlikely. Political regimes are slow to change, and when they do, it’s much more likely to be to an Ecuadorian situation where they adopt the basic concepts of blockchain technology and crypto currency, but create their own regulated and controlled currency backed by the good faith and credit of their government.

This makes perfect sense to all but the most hardened crypto anarchists, yet it’s the place where every other crypto except VIVAcoin drops the ball.

VIVA takes a different approach.

We don’t expect individuals to deal in VIVAcoin ever unless they so desire. Yes, VIVAcoin is THE only unit of settlement on the VIVA network, and yes it trades and floats relatively freely which is exciting if you’re a speculator.

But consider this. If you’re just using it for daily financial transactions, you DO NOT want your money to be exciting! To the contrary, you want it to be nice and boring.

You want to know that if you have $1 USD in purchasing power parity today, you will always have $1USD in purchasing power parity, no matter when you decide to go spend it.

That is the beauty of the vX instrument we have explained earlier.

The Tradeqwik Exchange makes all of these conversions easy and simple. For the advanced currency trader it provides the ability to leverage complex instruments like lending and margins. However, for the normal everyday Vivo it simply facilitates the movement between the VIVAconomy and the rest of the world.

Even better, every transaction that occurs on the Tradeqwik Exchange generates value which benefits equitably every member of the VIVAconomy.

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