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At this time there are already several businesses who have signed up to utilize the VIVA network.

A real world example of this is MedicAxess, a HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Records (EHR) and remote tele-medicine system.

MedicAxess sells EHR software and services to medical providers such as Doctors and Hospitals. EHR is a hugely lucrative business, and this software would be out of reach for most small providers. MedicAxess sells their services on a consumption based model that has fees far lower than would otherwise be possible.

Nevertheless, providers MUST pay for access, and when they do, they must pay in either VIVAcoin or fiat.

As a value added service, MedicAxess has set up a gateway that allows the providers to accept payment from patients in either VIVAcoin or fiat. Patients can earn VIVAcoin simply by running a small piece of software that connects their home computer to the “MedicAxess network”, a task specific subset of the VIVA network (every mint operates on their own specific network subset).

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Once they are connected, users can provide services to their hospital or doctor. In this way, patients can offset their real world medical bills by using their spare computing resources to earn VIVAcoin.

This is just a single business application for the VIVAconomy, it’s real and it’s being built right now and it will be a billion dollar organization.

MedicAxess is an existing Crown Holder and their mint is slated to come online in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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