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The TradeQwik Exchange

TradeQwik™, is the VIVA network’s own exchange*. *It was designed to allow speculators to make significant profits by trading into and out of VIVA, which helps prevent the coin from being dumped on the open market like almost every other digital currency. The TradeQwik exchange is where the VIVAconomy interacts with the traditional financial system. […]

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Only TradeQwik Lets You Convert Golos Backed Gold (GBG) Directly To Real Gold!

Starting Monday Februay 27th, you can convert 60k GBG directly to XAU at TradeQwik and receive a shipment of 50grams (1.6 troy oz) of 99.999% fine gold, anywhere in the world! These bars are certified, by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) as Good Delivery and Conflict Free. During the trial period, there is a limit […]

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Join the TradeQwik Beta and Win Prizes!

TradeQwik is a brand new exchange with a twist and we’re in beta right now! Our focus is on providing a clean, simple, easy to use gateway into and out of fiat. At TradeQwik you can deposit market pegged assets such as SBD or bitUSD and it instantly trades at face value into fiat, no […]

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